Apple announces ‘Super Mario Run’ coming to iPhone App Store


Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto showed up on the Apple stage today to reveal Super Mario Run, an iOS game starring everyone’s favorite red-hatted plumber.

You can play Super Mario Run with one hand. Just tap and Mario jumps. Mario runs to the right by himself. There is also Toad Tally where you can challenge other players.

“The longer you tap, the higher he jumps,” says Miyamoto.

Nintendo has been slow to bring its iconic characters and games to smartphones, despite regular pressure from investors and analysts. In March 2015, the company announced a partnership with mobile-game maker DeNA that would lead to multiple free-to-play-games. The first of that batch, Miitomo, was released this past March. A quirky social media application, Miitomo allows players to create and dress their own Mii avatars, view friends’ Miis, and create and answer personalized trivia.

The Apple media event on September 7 defines the most important sales quarter for Apple. The iPhone is still by far Apple’s most important product. All the growth comes from the device that is in its 9th year. In 2018 Apple will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone with a new design and OLED screen technology.

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