Another Game Delay | Falling Behind



With so many games promised on the market for 2016, it was expected to see some of them delayed. Especially the ones that were from groups making multiple AAA titles.

However, many of us jumped to the new gen consoles looking forward to these exclusive launches promised to us at the E3 convention for a 2016 launch. Now, PlatinumGames is pulling back the reigns on one of those titles that broke the typical genre with something fresh and new.

Scalebound is being delayed until sometime in 2017, no official launch date for that year has been supplied, just that its being pushed back a year. According to an update on the studio’s official site, development is going to require a bit more time.


“In order to deliver on our ambitious vision and ensure that Scalebound lives up to expectations, we will be launching the game in 2017, this will give us the time needed to bring to life all the innovative features and thrilling gameplay experiences that we have planned.” – PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames plans to release more information about this decision in the year to come. Hopefully with some follow up gameplay and possible changes that are associated with this delay. Keep checking here periodically for updates to this story.

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