Announcing “Gear Up! Advanced Game Development Practices”


Gear Up! Advanced Game Development Practices by Clinton Keith and Grant Shonkwiler

The book “Gear Up! – Advanced Game Development Practices” has launched in print and on Amazon Kindle.

Great teams make great games.  While process can help or hinder, great games require talent, creativity and the teamwork of developers. Helping teams reach this potential is the focus on the book.

The book is organized into collections of 88 single-page practices that experienced game developers have used to:

•   Improve how teams execute on a day-to day basis

•   Overcome barriers to becoming great teams

•   Facilitate change and engagement though improved coaching and leadership

•   Respect and aide the personal growth of developers

•   Stream-line iterations

•   Guide projects and manage risk

•   Raise the quality bar throughout a studio

•   Enhance your studio’s environment for developers

Each practice is a distilled experiment containing tips for their use and variations that can be tailored for your studio.

Who should buy this book

•   Producers seeking ways to improve cross-discipline communication

•   Developers who want to be part of great teams who enjoy making games and grow professionally

•   Project managers wanting to address risk and reduce crunch

•   Leaders exploring methods of growing empowerment

•   Studio managers seeking to make a studio a better place to work

•   Scrum Masters and Product Owners who want to leverage the tools of Scrum and agile

•   Those outside the industry who want to learn more effective practices applied to a medium many are familiar with and curious about (video games)

The Authors

Clinton Keith and Grant Shonkwiler have combined decades of game development experience on dozens of shipped games. Now they’ve collaborated with other veterans across the game development industry to bring this collection of advanced practices to a wider audience.

The book can be found on in print and on Kindle.

More information can be found on

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