AMD-Powered Sulon Q VR/AR Headset Revealed


The growing virtual reality platform wars got a little more complex this morning. That’s because graphics chip maker AMD has thrown in with Toronto-based startup Sulon Technologies to unveil the Sulon Q headset, which aims to provide a PC-based, fully tracked virtual reality experience without the need to tether yourself to a computer tower.

It sounds like the Sulon Q is trying to achieve something like Microsoft’s HoloLens.

“When you experience augmented reality the Sulon way, your physical world is not replaced, its enhanced,” reads a line from its description. “Everywhere you look your full field of view is the physical world you know, seamlessly augmented with new realities. It s the best of both worlds, literally.”

In a since-removed statement on the Sulon Q website, Sulon Technologies CEO Dhan Balachand said the device will boast “console-quality graphics” as well as “powerful processing.”

It uses an expected four-core AMD FX-8800P processor with a Radeon R7 graphics card.

“The full performance of 4 compute cores and 8 GPU cores are unlocked through a revolutionary Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), enabling the cores to share memory to work together for dramatic performance and efficiency,” Balachand said. “The result is a solution that is optimized for modern workloads and media formats, capable of driving the latest graphics APIs including DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and able to render stunning video game console-quality visuals on a beautiful 2560×1440 OLED display.”

Sulon is now putting the “finishing touches” on the Sulon Q headset, with the device scheduled to arrive “late spring.” A price was not announced.

AMD is going to present more details about the Sulon Q VR / AR headset later at today’s event.


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