Alpha Version Of Mortido Out Now ~ The Journey Beyond Life Begins Here


The Journey Beyond Life Begins Here

“Mortido is a term used in Freudian psychoanalysis to refer to the energy of the death instinct, formed on analogy to the term libido. In the early 21st century, the term has been used more rarely, but still designates the destructive side of psychic energy.”

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Download the Alpha Version of Mortido Here

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New game. New world Mortido! The story line brings you in an incredibly colorful fantastic world where supernatural and miracles come true.

Rattlers – worlds pilgrims, eternal wanderers of this world.
On the first face they looks clumsy, they greet newcomers’ souls, sometime they can help somebody if they wish… So actually they always seek. They are very curious. They live there so long so they can adapt to everything. They say they know where the God himself is residing… Their main characteristic is that they can transform themself in whoever and whenever. Malign forces know their abilities, and therefore avoid them. Don’t look at their appearance – when it has place to talk about protection – they are the leaders. They support peace and harmony.

Mortido Alpha Release - #GTUSA 2

Story line… «I see old scattered books, tumbledown dusty bookshelves, stuffed with old scrolls jars. Melancholy possessed me. And the pouring through the only big window in this room light was so delightful as if the sun was just about to rise….

Little by little you will learn how and WHY the character found themselves in such a situation. You will be able to “feel” that very despair caused by the imminent events. And there are questions:  “Who are we? Who are real we?
What invisible hand leads us along the life path and helps us not to lose ourselves?”
Answers…are there answers?

In ancient times the peoples of the world believed in life after death.  From a very early age, they were taught to be adamant and fearless even on the brink of defeat or death. The warriors from all continents raised the flags of their devotion. They had expected to die as they believed that it was only a beginning.

But do they know what for they would give their precious and unique life that #God once gave them? Do they understand the essence and the price of mistakes that they would pay for in the end? You will know this when you dive into the game. We will tell you a story about people who lived a difficult life and what would happen to them after death.

Mortido Alpha Release - #GTUSA 4

Mortido’s Psychology, and how they decided to create the #indiegame #Mortido.

They live in a provincial town of Dimitrovgrad, in which the population is about 120 thousand people, and where everyone knows each other. Their team includes different people with different fields of interest.

Mortido Alpha Release - #GTUSA 4

Sigmund Freud believed that men are driven by two basic instincts: libido and mortido. The libido – the desire for life, mortido – destructive beginning. Even though so many of us believe that they are doing the right thing, we are still disappointed. It is difficult to make ourselves believe that we are doing something wrong in order to achieve a particular result. Each of us, the person we wish to believe that we are special and that we will succeed. We dream of something so vividly that we forget the most important thing – that there is no way other than winning. We will have enought time for everything: to enjoy life and earn more. But it is not so.

The team of #CornerStudio, spent half a year preparing for the creation of this game (screenplay, technical part, plans and etc.). We are creating a game where life is a life test. This is the story of seven people, their lives and deaths, and of what awaits them behind the “line”.

Mortido Alpha Release - #GTUSA 5

(Note from the author)

A good friend introduced me to lovely Mortido Elena Kolomina sometime around the end of last year. Right away I was impressed with and excited about Mortido. We did an article on Mortido, and have been keeping up with their updates since. Corner Studio has a great team. They have been pouring their hearts and souls into this game. The art, story line, and game-play are all fantastic. Its a very unique and visually stimulating game. I’m very excited about this Alpha Version release of Mortido.

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