Should There Be An Age Limit For Retro Gamers?


Should retro gamers/collectors be a certain age to be considered ‘retro gamers’? I will give you my input on how I fell about it. I feel that there should be no age limit. Why you may ask? Well, who are you to say what games you can and can’t play based on age? If you go off that logic, ‘Trix are for kids’, you can’t have them. All the consoles of this generation, next gen, and past you can’t play because your too old.

I think you should feel honored if someone younger wants to collect/play your childhood games. You should encourage it instead of making them feel bad about it. Now I know it’s starting to be a trend for hipsters, so does that means they will all start to sell over time, and bring down prices? Which would be awesome to see!

I understand it’s your childhood and you take pride in it, but why not allow it to be someone else’s childhood? That would be the right thing to do in my opinion. Imagine if 20 years from now they had their kids play the older consoles also. It would be truly amazing with how fast it progresses. They would still be playing 8-bit games. Why not pass on the love?

I think that they will play and collect them if you support them. I think they will do it a lot longer. And it could be something for generations to enjoy. Do you want to be the one to stop that from happening?

(Note from Phil Williams – “Kylar is our youngest writer at age 15. I love to hear his perspective on gaming and the industry. Blogging and WordPress are both new to him. He has displayed more ambition and drive than most adults I know. Please show him support. He is working hard and doing an excellent job in my opinion.”)

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