About Us

Welcome to GT USA!

GameTraders USA started off as a chain of video game trading groups across the United States of America. Over time our network grew, so we decided to create our own website to provide entertainment for our members. Hundreds of Hardcore Gamers have contributed to building our network since its creation, and we’re still going strong.


GT USA is all about everything geeky and gaming. The GT USA team has always been just a small handful of everyday gamers. Our admins loves to see our members make awesome trades, while our writers love to create cool content. We are a very unique independent gaming network that loves to contribute to the online gaming world.


We hope you enjoy our website! A lot of work has went into it, with very little budget. We try to keep up to date with the world of gaming and entertainment, and love to post about free stuff. We also love to see our audience make awesome trades, or sell their stuff for what its worth. If your new to GT USA, check us out on Facebook. We’re all over the interweb!


For all inquiries you can contact GT USA at gtusasocial@gmail.com

Game On GameTraders!