Titanfall 2: Remember the Titans?


The first weekend of the Titanfall 2 technical test is in the books, and excitement for the game is fading. Fans have taken to social media to voice their concerns with the changes Respawn has made to multiplayer, one of which  has them asking, “Where are the titans?”

In the original Titanfall, all players started with a timer. Players could reduce this timer by earning kills and completing objectives. Once the timer hit zero, players could call in their titans.

Titanfall 2 has done away with the timer, and has moved towards a killstreak-type system. Where all players in the original were guaranteed titans, many players now find themselves ending matches without deploying a single titan.

Part of the titan problem comes from a lack of NPCs on the battlefield. In the original Titanfall, NPCs appeared along side pilots and titans. NPCs are now limited to their own third faction. With both teams gunning for the third faction, there are less targets to go around. Maps now feel empty as players run around in search of enemies.

Players lucky enough to earn titans, don’t get to keep them for long. Respawn has done away with rechargeable titan shields, leaving them more vulnerable to pilots. In its place, titans are now able to regain health through battery packs stolen from other titans. The act of stealing these battery packs replaces the pilot’s ability to rodeo enemy titans, while shooting their core.

With weaker titans and new requirements to deploy them, players now feel underwhelmed while playing as titans.

Players will also notice the absence of burn cards and Attrition, the most played game type from the original.

Respawn is finally delivering the single player campaign players wanted, but at the same time they have butchered the multiplayer which many had fallen in love with. Titanfall 2 is set to release on October 28, but with numerous multiplayer issues, players are calling for a delay. Respawn is assuring players that their concerns are being heard.

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