6 Essentials You’ll Need to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel Today


6 Essentials You’ll Need to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel Today


Your love of gaming doesn’t just have to be something you enjoy doing on your own. You can share your passion with other gamers and – if you’re lucky – you can even turn gaming from a hobby into a career. Streaming your games or posting gaming videos on YouTube is a great idea if you’re passionate about games. However, you can’t turn your YouTube gaming channel into a success without focusing on the essentials. To get started with publishing gaming videos, here are the six essentials you’ll need.


A plan of action

First you need to have a plan. The most popular YouTube gaming channels have content that might not always look meticulously planned, but which would have been the result of a schedule and a plan. You need to have an idea on the kind of videos you want to make. Do you want your videos to be humorous or serious?


It’s important to also consider what are the games you want to play. Will you focus on a single genre, a game or are you going to post videos on a variety of games and styles?


By having a solid plan of action, your YouTube gaming channel will be more focused. You’ll know the kind of videos you want to make and you can schedule when you’ll publish and post your videos. Having a plan might not seem like a big essential, but it can be the single factor behind your success or failure.


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A capture card

Of course, you’ll also need to focus on the essentials that allow you to make great videos. For YouTube gamers, the capture card is one of the main pieces of technology you need to invest in. You definitely want to ensure your capture card allows you to record video in HD – anything below it and you’ll struggle to attract viewers.
What are some of the good capture cards to buy? Elgato is a brand favoured by many YouTubers. The card is not the cheapest, however, it captures beautiful HD video. It’s also not the most expensive capture card on the market and it’ll ensure you get started in no time.


No matter which brand you buy, just make sure it can capture HD. This will mean you’ll struggle to find one below US$100. But this is definitely the essential you want to spend money on.


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An external microphone

Depending on the kind of videos you make, you might also need to invest in a good external microphone. If your videos will rely heavily on you talking over the gameplay, then an external microphone is a necessary purchase. These allow a much clearer quality on sound and will add to the ambience.


If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your microphone, consider buying the Blue Snowball model. The audio quality is good with this model that doesn’t cost much more than US$40 with most retailers. On the other hand, those willing to spend a little more, the Blue Yeti is the microphone to get. It costs a little over US$100, but the quality is superb. There is even a pro version of the model for those going hardcore with their channels.


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A gaming headset

If you want to add commentary on top of your videos without it impacting your gaming sounds, you might want to get a proper headset. In terms of the investment, you really don’t need to spend that much on the gaming headset. However, opportunities to spend also exist and if you’re budget allows it, you can buy something premium such as the Astro A40. For the cheaper price tag, stick to the Turtle Beach X12 headset.


As mentioned above, if you plan to rely on commentary on your gaming channel, you do want to pick an external microphone over a gaming headset. However, if you are just testing waters with your channel and you want something affordable, a gaming headset should be sufficient.


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Editing software

Good gaming videos require editing. How much editing you need, will depend a little on the style you are going for with those videos. In terms of editing software, you do have two options in terms of the route you take. You could pick a free version and if you are a Windows user, you automatically have Windows Movie Maker readily available, or you could buy editing software.


Naturally, bought versions come in all shapes and sizes. It’s definitely not something to spend a fortune on, but you could invest in a paid product if you’re serious about your gaming. Consider Sony Vegas Pro, for example. In order to cut


down the cost of editing software and other technology, use the offers available at OZCodes. You can take a lot of the price by utilising these voucher codes.


6 Essentials You’ll Need to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel Today - #GTUSA 5


A marketing strategy

You’ll also want to start promoting your YouTube gaming channel to the wider audience. There’s no point in investing in equipment and spending time making videos if you’ll never promote your channel. It’s important to push your content forward on gaming forums, social media and YouTube itself. So don’t be afraid to go into a bit of sellout mode.



So, if you are thinking about starting a YouTube gaming channel, these are the six essentials you’ll need.


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