5 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Gaming Channel


I figured I would give my advice on how to grow a gaming channel on YouTube. These are some things that have been working out for me. So hopefully they work for you as well.

The number one best thing you can do is take your time and edit your videos and posts. You will notice an amazing difference in video views and subscriptions. I can’t tell you new YouTubers enough, put your time and extra effort in your videos. I know it may seem like a lot of time, but trust me, it’ll be well worth it in the end when you see all those new views and subscriptions roll in.

Next is to focus on and make good use of social media sites. This is something pretty important believe it or not. With just posting my video links and my channel link in simple Facebook gaming groups I can get an extra 50 views per video. I recommend Gaming Central for a good Facebook gaming group to get started in. They’re super supportive.

Next up is more of a mental standpoint of your YouTubing experiences. If you’re starting to get some dislikes, you just keep positive! Gamers can be very picky and quite negative about their videos. If they don’t say why they disliked the video, just consider it a troll. Even half of the negative comments you’ll get will be because a troll just wanted to spark a rise out of you. Don’t let them do that. Just go on and do what you do best… gaming and making videos.

Next, you’ve got to socialize with your viewers. Believe it or not, it’s pretty big just to socialize. I’ve met some of my best friends/biggest fans doing this. I highly recommend you do this as well to help your following grow.

Last is not super important, but it helps. If you do a podcast/livestream, your viewers can connect with you and that helps out a lot.

Now if you choose to follow most of these steps they will help you in the long-run. It may not be right away but eventually it will. Or maybe even instantly, you never know.

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