4 I Lab studio Uses EEG Machine As A VR Controller For The X-Power Project


VR + Neural Interface = Superpowers.

Have you ever wanted to gain superpowers and control objects with the power of your mind?

4 I Lab studio has a solution. Not so long ago we’ve got a brain sensing headband that uses electroencephalography (EEG) to record the electrical activity of brain cell groups. Using readings of this headband we can tell if the person that is using it is focused or relaxed.

During recent AVRA Days Minsk 30 hour non stop hackathon we’ve decided to make a game that will use this technology as a controller. The most obvious idea was to use concentration to control superpowers. We chose telekinesis, so our players will be able to feel like superheroes, levitating people from the bus that is hanging from a destroyed bridge. To grab a person or an object they must focus on it, and then, using their sight, carry it to the destination point, where they release it by relaxing.

This game was made only to prove the concept, but it shows the high potential of combining VR and neural interface technology and it was awarded in the Best VR for Business nomination on AVRA Days Minsk Hackathon.

4 I Lab is satisfied with the result and looks forward to the development of this theme. Our goal is to reveal its full potential as a controller for virtual reality and use it to provide deeper immersion for all kinds of players, including players with special needs, who are not able to use regular controllers.
We are open for cooperation.

The X-Power Project - #GTUSA 1

Few words about 4 I Lab:

4 I Lab is an indie studio that develops games and animation. The studio was founded in 2011 in Minsk, the core staff consists of 8 people.
Most known games made by 4 I Lab are:
– Time of Dragons, an award winning multiplayer online shooter,  where players fight each other on dragons armed with lasers and rockets. This is a first game that introduces world of Ahros
– Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle,  an adventure VR-game where you shoot big guns, fly dragons and do many other things while restoring peace and order in a world destroyed by global war.
– Drunk or Dead, an award winning VR zombie shooter, where players find themselves in a middle of apocalypse caused by a virus, which affects only sober people. To stay alive, they have to drink and shoot zombies.

The X-Power Project - #GTUSA 3

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