3 Collectible Pixel Pals To Light Up Your Gaming Room


Peripheral maker PDP will be launching 3 new collectible gaming lamps named Pixel Pals. These stylish iconic pixel style lamps come in Mega Man, Mario, or Vault Boy.  These are the first 3 of gaming’s favorite characters to start the new line of collectible lamps, with more to come expected soon.

Unfortunately these lamps are not powered via a plug, or usb charger. They’ll require 2xAAA batteries. They stand a little over 4 inches tall, and over a inch thick, so they have no problem standing on their own.

These collectible PDP Pixel Pals are set to launch at GameStop on November 25th, just in time for the Xmas shopping season. I was surprised to see that these cool collectibles are only gonna set you back $14.99 usd. I could see GameStop trying to push these for a lot more.

So who will be next in this new line of epic gaming lamp characters? PDP has not yet said, but the possibilities are intriguing. Metroid, Sonic, Donkey Kong, or Link are my predictions, but it could be anybody. If your creative, you could even dyi your own stand, and use these guys as an Xmas tree topper.

Pixel Pals Lamps - #GTUSA 2


GT USA is always interested in hearing our readers opinions, and feed back. Please let us know what you think about these PDP Pixel Pals lamps, and what characters you’d like to see them produce in the future.

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