Call of Duty: WWII Leaked


According to a Reddit user by the name of /u/rTwGNaywaoaLh, this year’s Call of Duty is called “WWII” and will take place during, you guessed it, WWII.

The leak showed what looked like concept art for the steelbook cases for the game, and focused around what looked to be the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

If this leak is true, this would fit with what Activision’s COO, Thomas Tippl, said that this year’s Call of Duty would be going back “to its roots.”

By all accounts, this leak appears genuine. The images have passed the initial smell test, and the user that leaked the images also claims to be the same person that leaked Infinite Warfare early last year, as well.


I am extremely excited by this leak. I have been wanting Call of Duty to go back to boots on the ground since Advanced Warfare came out, which I completely skipped. I loved Black Ops 3, but am once again skipping Infinite Warfare. Jetpacks just do not work in Call of Duty, in my opinion.

The news has been out for some time that Call of Duty would be returning to boots on the ground and that it would be going back “to its roots,” but I had just assumed that this meant we would get another “modern” shooter. I think that the WWII setting is even more exciting.

I never put too much faith into rumors, but this is looking more and more like the real deal every day that passes. At this point, it is generally believed that this is a legitimate leak. The longer a leak takes to disprove, the more likely it is to be real.

There are several easy ways to tell is a leak is legit or not. For example, one can compare the font for “Call of Duty” to previous games in the series. If it is the same, then it is a good bet that the leak is fake. Every Call of Duty uses its own style.

Then there are the images. One can reverse image search any one of the images in the leak, and if any of them come up that they are from another source, then the leak is deemed fake.

So far, the WWII leak had passed all the sniff tests, so I am of the mind that this leak is real, and we will be playing Call of Duty: WWII by the end of the year.

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