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Dragon Ball Z : Retro Battle X 3

Experience the breathtaking world of Dragon Ball Z in the latest MUGEN powered title developed by EXPA Entertainment: Dragon Ball Z Retro Battle X 3. Take on the the villains of the famous anime, and face the most challenging missions of all the Dragon Ball Z games! Link specific combos, use strategy based attacks, unlock sagas and be a part of the Z warriors! Show them the true power of a fighter!

The final installment to the successful MUGEN game, Dragon Ball Z : Retro Battle X is here! Prepare to witness the most destructive fighting system on the face of Fighting Game history! Create bone-shattering combos and universal links to take down your opponent bit-by-bit and reach the pinpoint of victory! Enter a world full of excitement and amazing events as the franchise closes to an end! In its final! Breathtaking! Installment!

From The Dev’s
Dragon Ball Z : Retro Battle X 3 is currently under full-on development. It is very near being completed, as the development team has just confirmed that they have added 44 dialogue scenes, a new character is under development as well as approximately 3-4 animations.

Hey you Dragon Ballers!

Its such a fantastic honor to be working on a great franchise for this awesome community, we do hope you all know that this will be the last installment to the Retro Battle X series. We have currently added 44 dialogue scenes into story mode and have also updated the game, animations are still under development as well as 1 more character. As soon as the game’s fully complete, we will have it tested around 4-5 times. We might even release it before the initial release date if that’s possible!

I do hope you are all excited,

Creator of Dragon Ball Z : Retro Battle X : Bader K. Al Qahtani

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