why are retro games gaining value so fast?


If you are wondering why retro games have been going up in value  you have cone to the right place. Now NES and SNES are skyrocketing in value and what is starting it is now all the 80s and early 90s kids want to play there child hood games and every one now sees them as value. So with hi demand comes a high market a game like contra should not be 30$.retro

Its not rare its one of the most sold games i know  15 years ago it was a 3$ game. now what can you expect from this it will go down its just a trend for most people. so it will start to die down but for systems like the ps2 you can except it in 10 years to sky rocket. Because the next line of adults who had them in there child hood wants the.sonic1111111

So i recommend not selling them if you find them value will gain overtime. i believe in the next 10 years it will go down. especially with emulators it will start to drop i say in 2 years you will start to notice a difference in prices so don’t give up they will get cheaper and ultimately easier to find in the wild. so my advice to you guys is you cant complain about the market when you sell your games for top dollar and then complain about how high it is if you do that its your fault to.

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