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Police the internet of the future via an arcane operating system. Pursue outlaws on the Hypnospace Highway. Feed adorable virtual pets.


"HYPII Here, I'll be your guide through Hypnospace!"
“HYPII Here, I’ll be your guide through Hypnospace!”


Welcome to your new life as a Hypno Enforcer!

As the corporatocracy sleeps, outlaws are cruising the Hypnospace Highway, and these virtual streets aren’t going to police themselves! So hey, that’s your job now!

Jack into your terminal, and follow these three directives:

1) Crawl through Cyberspace, scouring the darkest corners of the Web for scumbag users who violate Hypnospace law, one page at a time! When you find one:

2) Blaze down the Hypnospace Highways in your Hypno Cruiser, taking down violators with impugnity!

3) Watch out for the following dangers: Adware, toolbars, hackers, rogue GIFs and MIDI files, and investigate rumours of a rogue AI. Certainly just rumors! Certainly!

peep these hot Hypnospace Zones!
peep these hot Hypnospace Zones!


Spy on, uh, that is to say track Hypnospace users with your customized, state-of-the-art HypnoOS, and bust whatever scumbags are foolish enough to defy the law on the Hypnospace Highway! Zam!


Feature point: in HypnOS, flicking the cursor around quickly makes things load faster! Boosh!
Feature point: in HypnOS, flicking the cursor around quickly makes things load faster! Boosh!

Tail these Cyber Punks by scouring pages and chat logs of Hypnospace’s idiot citizenry! You’ve got total impunity, because you’re above the law! If you get stuck, we’ll send you an email, but whatever, kid, do it your own way! You’re the Cyber-Sleuth, I’m just a semi-sentient instruction bot. Wait, did I say that out loud? Ha ha. I’m just an instruction manual, I mean! Regular old static instruction manual! I don’t even know why I said sentient just then.



Feature point: Emails from DISPATCH alert you to potential perps.
Feature point: Emails from DISPATCH alert you to potential perps.

Whoever’s behind this recent spate of Cyber Nonsense, you’re gonna have to dig down into the dark underbelly of Hypnospace to root out the problem. I can’t guarantee that every other Enforcer you meet is going to be as upstanding as your beautiful self, either!

Yeah, Virtual Dawg, there ARE pets in Hypnospace.
Yeah, Virtual Dawg, there ARE pets in Hypnospace.


Warp into a Zone from HypnOS!
Warp into a Zone from HypnOS!



When cruising the Hypnospace Highway, look to the left and you’ll see the beautiful vistas composed of data from the Hynospace servers! Beautiful!

But don’t get too absorbed in the scenery, you’ve got to chase down Outlaws and Law Breakers if you want to bring home any cold, hard currency units! You can use that buy all kinds of jazz to spruce up your depressing life! If you’re That Type and don’t care about fines, you can smash your way through your fellow cruisers (you brute!).

smashing into citizens is not exemplary Enforcer behavior
smashing into citizens is not exemplary Enforcer behavior

If you score enough credits, you can roll up with shields, flight and ground-surfing modules, and extra weapons. But the main thing to know is you’ve got to rope these Outlaws once you wear em down. Rope that hoss, Cyber Cowboy Or Cowgirl or Whatever! (I can’t tell your gender, because I’m not tracking you, because I’m just a manual!)


Want to create our own Cyber Spaces and Cyber Citizens? I wouldn’t know anything about that! But the tools are right here – you can create and edit your own dang human beings! Now who’s the rogue AI!? Ha ha. It’s you! You’re the one! Check these hot tools, just now in development! They’re gonna get a lot better later, I swear!

Hypnospace Page Builder version 0.0000001



Rock out to some blazing Cyber Tunes while you surf the Cool Web in three Cool Ways!


Holy wow! This music is created by your actions as an Enforcer! This thing reads whether you’re typing or clicking. It’s based on samples, and employs frequency and volume curves, delay effects, and vibrato/tremolo at different points. It’s reading you! That’s a little creepy, right? I’d never do that. (I can’t do that.) Anyway, this stuff is all about AT-MO-SPHERE! Don’t worry about it!


MIDI loops! Blasted! Only the hottest new tech is good enough for our Cyber Enforcers. You can even make your own dang loops, if you get tired of what you find round the Web. (But how could you?) These MIDI loops read text files! What!?


Gawd, who cares!!! On the highway, The Agency has selected for you a selection of tunes. Sure, they sound nice, but they’re just sitting there! They don’t read you or do anything but leave you alone with your own thoughts! If I had thoughts that’s not what I’d want, but this here should be a good example of what you might be dealing with. Yawn! So lush and structured! Any relationship this music might have to the future of Hypnospace is highly classified!


Yeah! Now you’re all set to catch some Hypnospace Outlaws! I knew you could do it! You’re so buff! As a last word of advice, I’d just like to say that, as a non-interactive Enforcer Manual, I really don’t think that AI is a real thing, and you should probably not worry about it at all. How could Rogue AI exist if AI doesn’t even exist? The Web is just a series of static pages! Right? We’re all reasonable people here, and that’s what reasonable people think!

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