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Mortido: a third-person stealth-adventure game. The story about 40 days long path of the human soul after death.

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Mortido is, first and foremost, a tale about a man who is ill, who has been driven into the unlit corners of his subconscious. And if this Pandora’s Box were to be opened…
Our team’s goal is to tell a story about people who haven’t always made the right decisions. About people who are completely different from one another. However, if you look closely, you will notice that they have something in common, something that has brought them all together.

        Mortido is a dynamic adventure game about the final journey of the human soul. This story begins in the lives of real people. Truth and fiction are woven together in it so bizarrely that they have become inseparable. Players can expect an emotional journey full of discovery. Powerful new experiences await you around every corner, after every step.
You can “touch” what it feels like to have no way out because of irreversible events, when you begin searching for an answer to questions such as “Who are we really?” “What are we really?” and “What is the nature of the invisible hand that leads us along the wending path of fate without losing ourselves?”

The game is made on the Unreal Engine 4.

“Live in the here and now, but remember death,” we remind you. “Remember death in order to preserve life!” 

Life is a game! Or is it the other way around? Is play life? The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

What is the most important thing in Mortido? The most important thing for the characters is exploring the word, which will not “voluntarily” divulge its secrets or reveal the mysterious significance behind events. Another rather important thing is choosing the right weapon. To understand one’s goal correctly… Somewhere in the depths, in the crucible of Mortido, at the foot of a lofty mountain, stands an enormous temple of history through the halls of which an old man wanders. He hides his face and leans all of his weight on a cane. He calls this temple a museum where information about “the forgotten ones” is kept. But there is still hope that one day someone will remember and ask about them.

The large, multi-tiered building is filled with papyrus scrolls and items that once belonged to souls both simple and great. The papyrus scrolls remember them all. All the souls that have played or will play in this world. And they allow us to read the history of your journey as well.
If you collect items from the temple and complete a collection, a story about the fate of its owner will be revealed to you.

Mortido is a dynamic adventure game with action elements. Your complex journey in Mortido will take you to worlds filled with souls just like you. The game is structured in such a way that everything in the world of the dead is distorted, but an observer can still glimpse the meaning behind what is happening.
An enormous role in this world is played by masks.

Masks are fragments of memories that allow you to recall your past. If a soul loses its mask, it forgets itself forever and can never leave this world and continue its journey.

Without a mask, a soul will begin to transform into something else. What this is depends on who the soul’s owner was when it was alive. Killers take on the most vile appearance. They are driven only by the basest instincts. People who performed good deeds will have many more options for traversing this path. It all depends on how you led your earthly life.

features a unique method for saving your game: magical mirrors that will remember you just as you were. If you lose your mask, you are returned to the time when a mirror last recorded a memory of you.

They are your primary weapons. Light can defeat darkness, and darkness can defeat light. Since your weapon will be associated with your essence, you cannot call upon the aid of that which is foreign to you. Light or Darkness? There is no third option. Beneath whose banner will you stand?

One of the obstacles in Mortido is bosses. There are multiple ways to defeat them, and these various methods can have a direct impact on gameplay. You can recruit allies in the game. However, whether or not they can help you depends on your actions.

The world of Mortido is constructed in such a way that your primary hopes lies in those who remember you. This is what lights your candle, which you much guard like the apple of your eye. Because the warmth of its flame shows that you are remembered. If the light goes out, this means that you have been forgotten. No one will help you, and there will be no light to show you the 40-day-long path of the afterlife. The world of Mortido is an enormous mystery that you must solve.

It is full of surprises. Friends can become enemies, and enemies can become best friends.

Mortido is a story of the soul’s journey in the afterlife. This journey last 40 days.
The characters’ goal is to reach this great and fateful day and find out the decision regarding their continued existence.

The storyline will take you to an incredible world where the supernatural is simply a part of life. By plunging into memories, the protagonist returns to the world of the living again and again, remembering his previous life one step at a time. His most vibrant memories are connected to his past life. These are happy memories filled with love, as well as dramatic memories roiling with rage, hurt, and sadness…

On your journey you will encounter familiar worlds from your previous earthly life, as well as the people who were closest to you. You will also encounter enemies possessed by a thirst for revenge.

With every step you will come to- better understand what is happening. The worlds our artists have created will amaze you. They range from gloomy cities to fantasy worlds with stunning and chaotic color palettes.
In these worlds wander souls just like you who are attempting to complete their journey, answer all questions, and avoid being driven mad by the burden that has been thrust upon then.

Every creature, every character has their own story. All you have to do is look a little deeper and combine all the pieces of the puzzle, and the picture will become clear.

The protagonist is a boy named Cleo, who had nothing but his only friend, Brian. Their lives will unfold before you, from childhood to adulthood. Each of them will also have to choose their path in life.

A little about the other characters:
Otaru was raised by his father from a young age, but he never got enough attention from him. As he matures, Otaru discovers that he has extrasensory abilities and begins to help those in need. He asks nothing in return. Palirus is a young millionaire who has refused his fortune for the sake of solitude and world travel. He only wants one thing: for his soul to be at peace.
Rush is a soldier who retired after being wounded. He has looked death in the face on more than one occasion. He has expended all of his energy to find his path in life. He wasn’t especially rich or talented as a civilian, and all his ambitions led him to the battlefield.

Brian is a young man who knows how to get rich by exploiting other people’s weaknesses. He firmly believes that, in life, only the strong survive. Roland is a successful surgeon who enjoyed stunning popularity for years and was acknowledged as a medical genius. He believed he was doing something useful for this world. But all he had to do was take a step back, and his career and the respect he enjoyed all became nothing but the dull glow of the past.  Max is an altruist who gave everything he had to the needy. However… he was also a brilliant con man who defrauded anyone who, in his opinion, did not deserve their status.

There is something of great value in life and after it: those around us. And this will be vividly depicted in our game. Which actions lead to someone being forgotten? This is something we all need to know.
There is no accurate time in this world. When a minute passes on earth, hundreds of years pass in the world of Mortido

Don’t be in a hurry to learn about other worlds. Play can make our world more interesting…

There are two worlds in the game: the world of the living and the world of the dead. Traverse the story of the protagonist’s life and fight for his future!



The game’s soundscape will fully immerse the player in the world of Mortido.

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