TItanfall 2, Madden 17, FIFA 17 Half-off at Wal-Mart


Get them While They Last

Edit: It appears Madden 17 is no longer available the discounted price.

Black Friday is right around the corner, but the sales are already here. Through their website, Wal-Mart is currently offering some of EA’s biggest titles of the season at half the price. Titanfall 2, Madden 17, and FIFA 17 are all available at $29.96.

Titanfall 2 features a single player campaign from members of the team behind Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2. The fast-paced multiplayer of the original Titanfall also makes a return.

Madden’s latest entry brings a new focus on the run game. With a tiered system for special moves, players abilities will be set based on their attributes. Bigger runningbacks will be more successful with truck moves and stiff arms, while smaller backs will rely heavier on jukes and spins.

The best-selling sports series returns with FIFA 17. With new game mode, The Journey, players take control of Alex Hunter. Hunter, a prized prospect, works to leave his mark on the Premier League. Players ultimately decide where Hunter ends up in his career, with choices made on and off the field.

At the time of writing this Titanfall 2 and Madden 17 are only available at a discounted price on the Xbox One. FIFA 17 is currently discounted for both Xbox One and PS4.

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