Valve Is Being Sued Over Counter-Strike Weapon Skin Gambling


A Counter- Strike: Global offensive player from Connecticut by the name of Michael John McLeod is suiting Valve for allegedly allowing online gambling.

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There are several third party sites such as CSGO Diamonds, CSGO Lounge, and OPSkins that allow players to buy, sell, and trade items from the game. There really is no age limit to these third party sites. Originally my brother and I laughed when my 11 year old nephew was telling us about how he was hustling people in a similar fashion with TF2.

Mr. McLeod claims that he has been doing this since he was a minor. The beef is that Valve is knowing letting this happen since they are making a profit. It would seem he is butt-hurt over getting hustled while knowingly taking part in this. So now he is starting a class action law suit.

GT USA probably isn’t the first place you’ve heard this story. If it is you can check out a more detailed report @ Polygon here, or Kotaku here. I don’t cover news articles often, but figured I would give this one a quick write up to ask what our members and readers thought about this???


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