UnderTale | Under Appreciated



In a world of AAA titles that are so repetitive even their fans are kind of tired of them (COD I’m looking at you) there are some games that break the mold. They should be the most talked about supported and upfront games on the market…but they are not.

In this case I’m talking about a fun game called Undertale. This game has blessed all who have played with hours of entertainment. A full drawn story with 2 different styles of play, both of which lead to different stories, character development and endings. Meaning it truly has replay value, the only way to get the full story is to play it twice.

While not the most visually appealing in today’s graphics race, the game has its own retro charm which loops into the fantastic sound that comes from this game. Playing as a human child who has fallen into the world of monsters, their only desire is to reach the human world, to do that they require 6 human souls…let it begin.

With two types of story, you can be a pacifist and never harm a soul, or cause total genocide, kill them all to save your self. Become friends or the most feared being in existence. Either way the story will walk you through some amazing story and character development.

This game should be the a AAA title with so many awards, but its just an indie game. So I implore you to go on steam, buy this game and share it with the world. Its worth it, every penny, every minute.


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I’m a Husband a Father and a gamer. I work in the web industry as well as creating and reviewing video games. I play mostly PC games and spend time enjoying the WII U and PS4 with my wife and kids.

  • Underappreciated? What? This game has been acclaimed like it was the second coming of Jesus. It has sold over 770,000 copies on Steam. It was voted on Game FAQs as the “Best. Game. Ever.” even beating out LoZ: Ocarina of Time. Metacritic has the game at 92 with “Universal Acclaim.” The user review has the game at 8.3 with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Destructoid, Giant Bomb, US Gamer – all perfect 10/10. Steam reviews: 10/10 based on 25,000 votes.