Capcom’s Umbrella Corps Delayed, More Details Announced


In an announcement from Capcom today, it was announced that Resident Evil spin-off game – Umbrella Corps – has been delayed. A new trailer was also released showing off the customization options in the game, with the new release date being announced at the end of the trailer.

Originally slated to release in May, Umbrella Corps is an online multiplayer third-person shooter that pits you the player against all kinds of Resident Evil baddies, such as B.O.W.s, ganados, zombies, and more. In the trailer the customization options have everything from weapons to armor customizing, and you can also plaster Resident Evil-themed decals all over your armor, from the Umbrella symbol to B.S.A.A. patches. There is also a new system called I.C.O.N. (Interconnected Communications Operations Network), where you can customize emotes so that you can communicate with your fellow players in the game.

Umbrella Corps is slated to release digitally on both the PlayStation 4 and PC now on June 21, and will be priced at $29.99. The delay came in light of the team wanting to work further on the game and making it everything it can be.

What do you think of Capcom’s latest Resident Evil spin-off? Will you be getting it when it releases?

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