Twitch AutoMod Makes Life Easier For Live-Streamers


If your familiar with Twitch, then you probably already know that their chat feature can be a nightmare. Some live-streamers with bigger names have moderators to assist. Many are working solo, with no help to moderate their chat section.

Twitch’s live stream service has been like a growing snowball rolling down a hill the last few years. Its not just for gamers. You can find people live-streaming just about anything these days.

Wherever you find creative artists trying to use their passions to entertain the masses, you will find unappreciative trolls with nothing better to do then try to throw a wrench into their gears. Twitch’s chat has become a haven for smack talking trolls. Female streamers usually deal with the worst of it.

On Monday Twitch rolled out a new feature to assist streamers in combating trolls named AutoMod. This feature filters troll-like comments to help streamers combat the crap. Even if the trolls try to spell their negative hateful comments incorrectly, it still is said to flag them for review. Streamers can set the threshold as high as they please, depending on how many comments they would like to have filtered.

Moderating your chat while streaming on the solo can be a difficult task to keep up with. Especially if you’ve got both hands on a controller. Twitch streamers are already loving this new feature, and say its making the stream life much easier. Take that ungrateful trolls.

Though I’m not a live-streamer, I do know all about the daily struggle of combating troll comments. The majority of content creators in the gaming vertical aren’t making a living off of this. Most small streamers, YouTubers, and webmasters work hard to create content for the gaming community out of their love for gaming. So next time your thinking about heckling a content creator, please keep this in mind.

Video Source – Kazoo Comms

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