Our Facebook Trading Groups are where it all started. While we plan to keep them going for as long as FB allows us to, we’re now proud to present our own version of  our original Trading Groups.

You may notice that we started with a limited amount of areas around the country to start. We plan to add more over time as our network grows. So if you don’t see your area listed, we recommend you join “National GameTraders” or “Digital GameTraders” until we expand.

If your new to GT USA please see our Trading Group Rules below the following directory.


Nation Wide Trading Groups


Local Trading Groups


Trading Group Rules

If your familiar with our trading groups on Facebook, then our rules here are the same. If your new to GT USA then please read the following rules carefully.

  1. Respect – Enough Said.
  2. Trade with common sense. We recommend using Paypal.
  3. GT USA is not responsible for your trading transactions. We only provide the platform to make trading possible. Trade at your own risk.
  4. Posting items from physical stores or web stores is permitted. Please remove your post when sold.
  5. Do not leave negative comments on other members items to make yours look better.
  6. Help out new members when needed. GT USA is all about community.
  7. No harassing other members, verbally or sexually.
  8. Seriously, no scaring the ladies away guys!
  9. If you have an altercation with another member, report it to an admin.
  10. Help grow the community by inviting friends.


Make friends, Make Great Trades, Make Money, Have Fun, & Be Kind To Your Fellow Gamer

Game On GameTraders!