Top 10 Movies Of 2015


Wow! What A Great Year In The Theaters!

Howdy movie goers. We’re wrapping up a great year in the Theaters with 2015. After looking over several top 10’s & 20’s on the best movies of this year, I decided to create my own list. Pretty much because they all look like they were created by people born prior to 1954. I could easily do a top 15 or 20 with so many great titles, but I decided to go with my favorite 10. Like with all top lists, the choices are the authors. If you disagree, please put your top 10 list in the comments. We love to hear your feedback. Happy New Years!


10. Furious 7

9. Ex Machina

8. Pixels

7. Ant-Man

6. Creed

5. Terminator: Genesys

4. Jurassic World

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

1.Mad Max: Fury Road


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