The return of Arcade


Since the rise of home gaming systems seemed that the decline of arcade was inevitable. The 80’s were the best decade for Arcades and those days have been forgotten for good… But that’s not the end of the story and the one I’m going to tell you has a happy ending too.
During the last few years in several USA cities silently but consistently have started to appear new Arcades and the trend hasn’t stop at all still today.
Arcade Bars It represents the fusion of classic 80’s Arcade combined with a Bar serving foods and drinks. A wonderful example of this movement is represented by Barcade located in Brooklyn, New York. Barcade@ started the arcade bar trend in Brooklyn in 2004 and has since started the transition of many other Arcade Bars in the country. Check them out if your local the the New York scene,

Arcade Bars are not the only way that arcade movement is spreading around the country as demonstrated by ZAP arcade in Minneapolis. ZAP arcade is not a place for an adult audience but instead, as Arcades originally used to be, for kids. In the area there’s no other valid alternative for young to be entertained and the place has become a meeting point for a new generation of arcade gamers. For just 5$ a day people there can play at any games they want and there’s even the possibility to pay a monthly fee of 15$ to have unlimited access!
Not only 30-something adults but it seems that even younger people are starting to enter new Arcades more often, demostrating that arcade return it’s not just fueled by a vibe of “old good days nostalgia”. As a matter of fact, the recent declining trend of console gaming have helped to boost this phenomena and open up new opportunities in the electronic games market, letting developer exploring new kind of technologies difficult and expensive to replicate at home. Some examples of this new and successful kind of immersive arcade gameplay are Star Wars: Battle Pod and Dark Escape 4D.
So far Arcade seem has never lost its appealing and more and more people are willing to enter in this business. There are still room for another coin in the Arcade world!

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  • gblock

    Columbus Ohio is fast becoming a great Barcade town

    16-bit Barcade, Level One Barcade are two great ones. Arcade Super Awesome is on my to-visit list in a couple weeks when I’m up there for NXT, Short North Barcade is kind of a miss, but it’s there. And Gotcha Gashapon is a fun little (non-bar)arcade to go into.