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Face Your Fears In “My own little planet”

My Own Little Planet ‘My own little planet’ tells the story of a lost boy who is trapped on a dark and strange world. Fight your deepest fears and find an exit to this madness! I met the developer of this oddly terrify 2D platformer after featuring The Far Frontier on Steam Greenlight. Lucas Parise […]

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“The Far Frontier” Is On Steam Greenlight

The Far Frontier Earlier today I met a really cool game developer by the name of Jeff Baker. He is currently promoting his most recent project The Far Frontier, which has recently made its way to Steam Greenlight. The Far Frontier is a colorful strategy puzzle game that looks like a lot of fun. As […]

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“Overstep” Is Packed With Action, Destruction & Mayhem

Overstep – Old school fast paced shooter for PC + Xbox One Play in your own style. Get sponsored by a corporation, showered with goodies and discounts. Have even more fun with custom gear! Recently I had the pleasure of making friends with Batuhan Avucan of Gamecan. Gamecan is a small development team based out […]