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Know your PokémonGo Meme: Niantic Customer Service “r”

Have you heard people memeing about the Niantic Customer service “r”? Have YOU been joking yourself about the Niantic Customer service “r”? It’s time to meet the meme. This meme dates back to a post on r/PokemonGO in which user MistaWhiska posted the following email with the title “Niantic responded to my help ticket after 35 days.” […]

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PokeFast – Blazing Fast Pokemon Scanner for Android

Early this morning, an anonymous developer introduced PokeFast, and android Pokemon Go map tracker available in the Google Play Store.  According to the developer, Pokemon icons in this app have been replaced with numbers in order to avoid copyright infringement, but the developer says they are fighting with Google to implement an update which will […]

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NEW POKEMON TRACKER: Check out Fast Pokemon Map

Despite Niantic’s wishes, it’s clear that the PokemonGo community won’t rest until there is some way to hunt and track Pokemon. Last week, the community thought they saw Niantic shut down the last of the Pokemon tracker applications. That is, until today’s release of FastPokemonMap. Follow FastPokemonMap on Twitter and expect swift pushback from Niantic. In […]

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Amid Pokévision shutdown, players find hope in other changes and projects

OK, OK, so maybe Pokévision was cheating — at least, Niantic seemed to think so. In the early hours of the morning, the folks at Pokévision announced that they would be “respecting Niantic’s and Nintendo’s wishes“ by removing functionality from their site. With the “three-step” tracker also removed, some users are up in arms over loss of all  Pokémon […]

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The Great PokéShuffle: Niantic’s secret rebalance of PokémonGo battles

UPDATE: The Client-side update is here, and this “secret shuffle” is not so secret anymore. A recent server-side PokémonGo update totally re-balanced Pokémon battling. In typical Niantic fashion, the PokémonGo creators said mum about the issue — the patch notes cryptically read “minor text fixes.” Luckily, thanks to the great people at The Silph Road, we’ve got the scoop. […]