Pokemon Uranium Mac – Get this Great Game Now

Pokemon Uranium Mac Some fans of the excellent Pokemon Uranium fangame have developed a way to play the game on Macintosh.  If you are unfamiliar with Pokemon uranium, read my review here! How to run Uranium on Mac OS X One of our fans found a way to run Pokemon Uranium 4.0 on Mac OSX using […]


Naughty Pokémon Uranium Review, Download Link

First Things First: How do I download Pokémon Uranium? Warning: There’s some rough talk in the [text portion of this] Pokemon Uranium Review. Consider it NSFW — unless you have one of those cool jobs where the boss swears.  If you’ve stumbled into this article wondering what Pokémon Uranium is, or are here because you’ve […]

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Info

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon A new group of villains are set to appear in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! Meet Team Skull, a group of ruffians causing trouble in the Alola region. Get ready for adventure and discover even more Alolan Pokémon. Visit  Pokémon’s site for more information! Video Source – The Official Pokémon […]


Check Out Cory Thompson Streaming Pokémon Uranium Live Right Now

Update: Stream is done for the day! Check back tomorrow for the highlights! Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Hey Game Traders. Yesterday we did a post on this Pokémon Uranium that had such a wide CPU load it crashed our server. Our good friend who provides our hosting had to bust his hump to get us […]


Check Out These Nendoroid Pokémon Trainer Red Poseable Figures

Nendoroid Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion Ver. Poseable Figure I just came across these really cool posable Pokémon figures and had to share the pics. These figures are really cool. Not only are they poseable, but they also come with their own accessories, and have changeable facial expressions. You can purchase these figures at Pokémon Center […]

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Thoughts on Latest Pokémon Trailer

As always, we are at the edge of our seats to see just what the upcoming new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon in case you haven’t used any media within the last six months. Nintendo makes sure once again that our waiting has been rewarded. It appears that they are starting to push the trailers […]

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Outstanding Pokémon Artwork

Its been a while since I put together a art gallery, so with all of Pokémon Go madness going on of late, why not put together a Pokémon Art Gallery. GT USA did not create any of these works of art. They can all be found on Google Images. You can find all of the […]