Announcing “Gear Up! Advanced Game Development Practices”

Gear Up! Advanced Game Development Practices by Clinton Keith and Grant Shonkwiler The book “Gear Up! – Advanced Game Development Practices” has launched in print and on Amazon Kindle. Great teams make great games.  While process can help or hinder, great games require talent, creativity and the teamwork of developers. Helping teams reach this potential is […]

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Logtown Studios Fully Staffed & Working On Their First Title

Logtown Studios Are Ready To Create An Amazing VR Experience Stockholm based VR gaming studio Logtown Studios recently completed the hiring of remaining staff to proceed with the development of the studio’s first title which is set to release on major VR platforms. “-This is a great moment in Logtown’s history. Finding the right people […]


Amazon Steps Up | Lumberyard

Amazon has jumped into the game creation world by releasing their completely free “Lumberyard” game development. This platform allows for creation for PC and Console with no setup or royalty fees. Fees come in only, as Lumberyard’s official page notes, if the game takes advantage of the engine’s integration with Amazon Web Services for multiplayer. While […]

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VR Game Design | Not so far away

The Unreal engine is jumping on the VR train much faster than other places. The engine will soon release VR content creation tools with their software. While this may sound strange, imagine being able to use your hands and arms to pick up, arrange and move the contents of your game around. Epic Games’ Tim […]