Alternative Doom Cover Art

Last month Doom revealed its box art, and it didn’t receive a warm welcome from fans. Id Software plans on running with it still, but now they plan to include a reverse sleeve. The developer is holding a poll to ask fans which cover they want included as the alternate. You can see the covers […]


DOOM Box Art

Where the story and idea behind the new DOOM do have us excited. With Bethesda working on it and recently coming to us with Fallout 4 we have really high hopes for the revival of this game. However, they released the cover for DOOM publicly yesterday and it brings a slight whisper of fear/hesitation for […]

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Doom is Finally Coming | Release Date Announced

After much anticipation and disappointment in the Doom 3 and Doom movie release. Bethesda has finally announced the new Dooms release date, May 13th. Launching on PS4, XBox1 and PC simultaneously. Bethesda also announced the release of a “premium collector’s edition,” as well as bonuses for players who pre-order the game. The collectors edition will […]

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Today in Gaming – 12/10/2015

Games Releasing Today Fast Racing Neo – WiiU Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – PC RollerCoaster Tycoon World – PC SteamWorld Heist – NDS Terraria – 3DS Today Gaming History 1986 – R.B.I. Baseball (Japan) – NES 1993 – Doom – PC 1993 – R-Type III (Japan) – SNES 1993 – Romancing Sa-ga 2 (Japan) […]