“The Static Speaks My Name” Is A Sick & Twisted Game


Be warned, this game contains explicit handling of suicide. The Static Speaks My Name is a very dark and twisted 5 minute game.

I’m still not sure if you are playing the role of a body jumping spirit. In the beginning of the game you start in a place I would guess is Limbo, or maybe a different dimensional realm of some sort. You walk up to what looks like a portal made of static, and it gives you a mans name, age, and how he died. I’m not sure what I am, or what this odd portal is, but lets walk through it.

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After walking through the portal of static I awoke to the sound of a very annoying alarm clock at 3:22 a.m., and am staring at a creepy motivational poster that says “Today Will Be A Better Day.” I get up and go sit down to pee. My state of the art shrimp tank seems to be doing well.

Well I’m awake now, might as well eat some breakfast. On the way to the fridge I notice I have an odd stack of televisions all tuned into static. I take a glance into the small room to see many copies of this palm tree painting I seem to be obsessing over.

I arrive at the fridge to find its bone dry. I guess its shrimp again today. I go back to my room to eat 2 out of 5 of my pet shrimp raw. Needs cocktail sauce, but I’m not picky. Might as well go check the internet.

Surprisingly when I turn on my computer, I have a female friend online who is more than excited to talk to me. She is all hot and ready, while I seem to be distracted. Instead of setting up a late night booty-call, I rudely stand up and walk away from the computer. Cleaning my microwave at 3:30 in the morning sounds like a much better use of my time.

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Now there is nothing I seem to hate more than a dirty microwave. I can’t take the spaghetti-o stains any longer. Something snaps inside, I’m tired of dirty microwaves.

Now this part was one of the weirdest parts of the game. I think about what I’m gonna do with the guy in the cage. I guess I’m some kind of a creeper. No wonder I didn’t want to go for a late night booty-call with my horny friend from the internet, I’ve got a pet gimp in the garage. Instead of setting my gimp free, I flip the switch and electrocute him.

Now I’m down 2 shrimp and a gimp. I still didn’t get that damn spaghetti-o stain out of my microwave. There is nothing left for me. I have lost faith that my microwave will ever be clean again.

The Static Speaks My Name - #GTUSA 3

So its time to let my body rest. I take a stroll to my bedroom closet, where I already have a noose waiting for me. Without hesitation I climb the chair and hang myself.

The light slowly fades, and I am back in this odd limbo like dimension again. This time there are 4 static portals with different deaths it looks like I can walk into. No matter what static portal you walk through, this time it takes you to the end credits, were they are thoughtful enough to thank their friend for helping with the peeing sound effect.

On this games Steam page they are kind of vague with the story. They don’t clearly tell you what the back story is of the suicide loving spirit you seem to be. Since after you hang yourself, 4 new static portals appear, it looks like this was initially meant to just be a demo. While this game is very sick and twisted, I would be interested in seeing more of it. The shock value is through the roof.

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