Stardew Valley | Everything you Want



Stardew Valley is another life simulator. This time in pixels. I’ll be honest I was very hesitant to invest any time into this game. With so many versions of this game out it made it all kind of blend together.

However, I heard through some sources including the Ross from the Game Grumps Youtube channel, that it was very Harvest Moon. I did have a love of this game as a child. So I buckled, picked it up and let the fun begin.

This game had things in it you want, that you didn’t even know you wanted. The fun story coupled with the relationships and obvious cultivation. You actually feel like you part of this small community.

If you were a fan of Harvest Moon or any of the Rune Factory games, I highly suggest you give this game a shot. You wont regret it. Even the classic pixel art style adds to the enjoyment of the game.

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