GT USA has had so many writers, and guests, its hard to keep track. GameTraders USA is a big project, and we have many friends in our network that have helped us along the way. We can never voice our appreciation enough to everyone on this list.

This list does not include all of our Facebook admins, game developer friends, social network members, or many other friends we’ve made along the way. If your a part of GT USA, you know who you are. We have many new potential writers that also are not on the list. We will update as we go…

Much love and appreciation to all of the following

[authorbox authorid=”3″ title=”President”]

Vice President
[authorbox authorid=”4″ title=”Vice President”]

[authorbox authorid=”2″ title=”Manager”]

Tech Genius
[authorbox authorid=”23″ title=”Tech Genius”]

Asst. Manager
[authorbox authorid=”67″ title=”Asst. Manager”]

Lead Writer
[authorbox authorid=”89″ title=”Lead Writer”]

[authorbox authorid=”104″ title=”Editor”]

Lead Retro Enthusiast
[authorbox authorid=”6″ title=”Retro”]

[authorbox authorid=”93″ title=”Writer 1″]

[authorbox authorid=”98″ title=”Writer 2″]

[authorbox authorid=”25″ title=”Writer 3″]

[authorbox authorid=”90″ title=”Writer 4″]

[authorbox authorid=”84″ title=”Writer 5″]

[authorbox authorid=”103″ title=”Writer 6″]

[authorbox authorid=”107″ title=”Writer 7″]

Featured Guests

Hey Poor Player
[authorbox authorid=”7″ title=”Hey Poor Player”]

E1337 Entertainment
[authorbox authorid=”70″ title=”E1337″]

Zettabyte MPR
[authorbox authorid=”76″ title=”Zettabyte MPR”]

Top Arcade Machines
[authorbox authorid=”65″ title=”TAM”]

[authorbox authorid=”66″ title=”DoomKick”]

KCT Anthems
[authorbox authorid=”9″ title=”KCT Anthems”]

[authorbox authorid=”8″ title=”JDauntless”]

Parker Novels
[authorbox authorid=”24″ title=”Ben Parker”]

Banana Republic A**holes
[authorbox authorid=”92″ title=”BRA”]

Vintendo Paul
[authorbox authorid=”69″ title=”Vintendo”]

Past Contributors

[authorbox authorid=”26″ title=”Travis”]

[authorbox authorid=”81″ title=”Cory”]

[authorbox authorid=”72″ title=”Felisha”]

Big Shout Out To Anyone We Missed!!!

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