Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest X’s Development For Nintendo NX Alongside The PS4 Version


Although nothing is officially known yet about NX, the next console of Nintendo, more and more games are being announced for this platform. This will be the fourth game in advertising for the new platform.

In an interview with Famitsu (as translated by IGN), producer Yosuke Saito was asked about the issue of server load on the game’s existing platforms. In reply, he casually mentioned the upcoming release of the game on a pair of platforms.

“I think there will be an influx of new players that peaks with the launch of the PS4 and NX editions,” he said. “Up until then, rather than the incoming new players, we are doing our best for the people who are playing already.”

When asked when the PS4 version would be released, Yosuke Saito mentioned that it will be released (in Japan) with good timing, well ahead of Dragon Quest XI.

Dragon Quest X, an MMORPG, has so far had three major content updates, with a fourth version currently in the works. Sensible money is on Version 4 being the focal point for a release on PS4 and NX.

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