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Sega Mega Drive games get official mod support on Steam


Sega’s modern offerings have been widely hit or miss, particularly with a particular blue hedgehog is involved, but there’s no doubting the enduring appeal of its classic games – particularly the 16-bit Mega Drive (a.k.a. Genesis) ones.

Sega’s Mega Drive catalogue (or Genesis catalogue, if you’re in North America) has been on Steam for a while, but according to an announcement today it’s getting a revamp – with Steam Workshop support. The Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub is a container app that provides access to all the Mega Drive games you own on Steam.

The Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub itself puts the player into a 3D environment of a Sega fan’s bedroom in the early nineties. The player can then boot up the in-game CRT TV, choose the game they want to play off a virtual shelf, and load up the Mega Drive to start playing.

The Mega Drive Classics Hub will be available from 28 April, and it’s being added as a free update to all of the existing games on Sega’s list – and it’ll be there if you buy any of those games new. Not every game seen in the trailer will be compatible on day one, it seems; Sonic isn’t listed right now, for example. But it will surely be added before long, so stay tuned.

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