Rockstar Remastering Red Dead Redemption?


South Korean site, Game Focus, recently reported on rumors that Rockstar is on the verge of announcing a remaster to their western classic, Red Dead Redemption. Game Focus states Rockstar will announce their return to the west at Sony’s PlayStation conference in New York, on Sept. 7. Red Dead Redemption is speculated to be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Fans long for a follow-up to the 2010 smash hit. Earlier in the year the world map of a Red Dead Redemption prequel leaked around the web, making the wishes of fans seem one step closer to reality. This led to speculation that Rockstar would announce their follow-up at E3 in June, but the conference came and went, with no official word on a follow-up.

A Red Dead Redemption announcement at the PlayStation conference would be Rockstar’s first on-stage announcement since Agent in 2009. Compared to other developers, Rockstar likes to keep their unveilings on the small side. For example, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto V in October of 2012 through their website. They followed-up with a trailer the next week. Rockstar took a similar approach when announcing Red Dead Redemption back in 2009.

Red Dead Redemption made headlines in July when Microsoft and Rockstar made it available to Xbox One players through backwards compatibility. Fans speculated this move by Rockstar would eventually result in the announcement of a sequel. No news followed, and fans were once again left in the dark.

Eyes are on Sony as they prepare to show-off PlayStation Neo, and a rumored Slim PS4, but fans of Red Dead Redemption will clench their fists as they await some sort of announcement from Rockstar.

Nothing is confirmed at the moment, but fans of the series will be watching closely when Sony’s PlayStation conference kicks-off on Wednesday. Fans will be able to stream the event live starting 3 p.m. ET, through multiple sources.

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