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What’s New In Steam’s Free Games Archive This Week?

Welcome to #6 of our Recently Released Free Steam Games series. Every week Steam usually releases a nice assortment of free, and free to play games.We like to collect them all into one handy list to make looking them over as easy as possible. We love to feature free stuff!!!


#1. Angeldust

Video Source – Gaming Authoritah

Adventure. Anywhere!

Explore endless magical worlds and battle fearsome creatures alongside millions of friends. Unleash your imagination by crafting beautiful buildings.

Be bold. Be a hero.

Play as the quirky builder, the fearless fighter, the perky scout or the mysterious sorceress and become the legend you were destined to be! Every hero is voice acted, so you are never lost for words.

All friends!

Use your activated Angeldust account to play Angeldust online with your friends and millions of other players, or use the ‘alone’-mode to build alone in your own game world. You can even customize your sign-in screen!

All fun!

Angeldust is unanimously praised amongst players of the game. Join the new gaming sensation and start your Angeldust adventure today!

Angeldust. A magical game:

  • More than 250 different creatures to discover and defeat
  • More than 200 beautifully designed materials to build with
  • More than 25 gorgeous landscapes to explore
  • 4 uniquely outfitted heroes to role play
  • 1 giant game world for everyone

This Game Got a Mixed Rating.
Get Angeldust Here Free.


#2. Eternal Card Game

Video Source – Dire Wolf Digital

Raise the Banner!
With spells and swords, six-guns and subterfuge, heroes collide in the struggle for the Eternal Throne. Where will you stand? Join the battle in Eternal, the new strategy card game of unlimited choices and unbelievable fun.

The Best of Both Worlds
Eternal brings AAA pace and polish to the the infinite possibilities of a deep strategy card game. Build any deck you can imagine by freely mixing cards from an expanding collection, and plunge into lightning-fast battles. The only limits are your own creativity.

A Game that Grows With Its Players
In Eternal, there’s always something new. Frequent new cards release between set launches to guarantee that the meta-game never gets stale. A steady influx of unexplored content keeps even the most experienced players on their toes. What will you create?

Test Your Wits, Not Your Wallet
Looking for a white hat that fits? Here you go. All gameplay — every card and every game mode — in Eternal can be earned or unlocked without ever paying a dime. It’s truly free to play.

Enemies at Every Turn
Eternal’s tactical AI was hand-crafted by some of the best professional TCG players in the world. With dozens of enemy decks, wild “boss level” environments, and unique card mechanics, Eternal stands ready to challenge players at any hour of the day or night.

The Choice is Yours
• Hundreds of cards combine however you like – there are no limits to what you can build
• Fast spells and combat tactics mean you’re never totally safe

There’s Always Time for a Game
• Innovative digital mechanics, quick five-minute games, smooth and intuitive tablet play
• Constant rewards and new challenges keep players engaged

“Play to Win” not “Pay to Win”

• Other games make you pay for card collection; Eternal players can earn every card for free

This Game Got Very Positive Reviews.
Get Eternal Card Game Here Free.


#3. Zone4

Video Source – PlayPark SEA


– Unique Characters and Classes

Specialized Skill for the Character and Splendid Combination!! With skills from real battle, users can make various combo attack and cooperative play. Total 229 type of fancy battle skills

– The Center of Economy! Square, and Enjoyable Contents!!

Users can make a deal(trade) in the square, many of community related contents will be provided!

– Dynamic Action! PvP!

Provide many types of PvP to make users feel the extreme tension.. By collaborate play, users move to several battle spaces. Make users continue to play the game.
Every week, experience the exhilarated thrill and pleasure from Automatic Tournament System!!
16 VS 16 Max 32 players’ big war

– Get PVE Users!! Arcade

By collaborate play, users move to several battle spaces. Make users continue to play the game.

This Game Got Mixed Reviews.
Get Zone4 Here Free.


#4. Cosmic Sugar VR

Video Source – david lobser

Cosmic Sugar is a simple but elegant GPU driven simulation space. Vive wands become attractors or repulsors which allow you to craft nebulae. The controls are very simple, but it takes some time to explore all of the possibilities. Thanks to East Forest for the trailer music.

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
Get Cosmic Sugar VR Here Free.


#5. ComPet

Free Steam Games #7 - #GTUSA 1

ComPet is a native cross platform turn based game where you collect and train pets to compete and battle with opponents worldwide.
Fighting in ComPet consists of exciting turn-based battles, where making the right move can mean the difference between victory and defeat! Give your pets more combat options by unlocking the secrets of the Library and hoard abilities!
But knowledge alone isn’t enough — you must hone your pet’s skills! The precious experience points needed to level-up can only be gained by battling and questing.
As Master, you must strategically adjust your pet’s combat profile to suit its abilities and fighter-class.
Will you choose Aggressive, Defensive, Attuned or Balanced pets?
What ability-sets will you use?
The choices are yours. Choose wisely and battle hard!

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
Get ComPet Here Free.



Free Steam Games #7 - #GTUSA 2

REALITY is a FREE short First-Person horror game, it uses a graphical style to represent the present mood of the game. It gives the player the ability to choose and get slightly different results. The game has many mysteries you might want to uncover.

The game is free with no in-game transactions. All assets are made by the developers. The play-time can last up to 15-25 minutes, depending on individuals.


Does This Game Contain Screamers?

  • While it is best for you to find out yourself, There is nothing that is extremely considered a “screamer”.

Does this game have weapons? A survival horror game?

  • Not a survival horror game. No weapons.

Are there Saves?

  • There is no save system due to it being a fairly short game.

Epilepsy Warning?

  • Theres a extremely low chance you can get your epilepsy triggered from this. So it is fine. Though we do not take responsibility for any individual damages caused to you.

I want to know more or support the developers.

  • Check Our Contact Details.

This Game Got Positive Ratings.
Get REALITY Here Free.


#7. Where’s the Fck*ng Light – VR

Video Source – 3MAFF

After a relaxing weekend at a remote Hotel in New York, your last night is nearing. Because of the fact that your last night has ended, you should go home, but everything seems to ocurr so early. After noticing strange sounds in the middle of the night, you will decide to look what is happening there.

But suddenly, you discover that the Hotel has no electricity, or at least, the lights are turned off. What has happened? The only thing you know is that it looks bad.

Make your own decisions:

Would you be able to turn on the light at the end of the hallway? Would you help someone who is asking for help in a half-closed room, or would you prefer to continue on your own way? Are you going to trust every hallucination you’ll ‘see’?

Choose your own path, but bear in mind your main objective: To leave

This Game Got No User Ratings.
Get Where’s the Fck*n Light – VR Here Free.


#8. VRchaeology: Prologue

Free Steam Games #7 - #GTUSA 3

Equipped with your archaeological tools and a bit of TNT, you’re on the hunt for treasure: bones, gold… anything that’ll pay. In the distance, you make out the entrance to some sort of abandoned mine. Will this be the road to riches, or your doom?

This brief (~10 min) experience serves as the prologue to the VRchaeology episodic series.

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
Get VRchaeology: Prologue Here Free.


#9. Counter Agents

Video Source – James Montgomery

Counter Agents is a spy-themed, head-to-head multiplayer game where your objective is to sneak around guards, steal the briefcase, and make it to an exit point before your opponent. Take on the solo-player challenges, compete with your friends in multiplayer mode, and enjoy creating your own maps with the brilliantly simple level editor!

Counter Agents originally started as a student program prototype project during the Fall of 2015 and gradually took shape to what it is today. The original goal was to take an arcade game dating 1983 or earlier and build off of existing mechanics to create something new and unique. The game we were inspired by was 005 (1981), one of the very first stealth games. Of the various 005 game modes, we loved the scenes where you had to avoid policemen with flashlights. We took this idea and created a customizable multiplayer experience with more 3D levels. Keeping the project alive between projects, we have playtested, iterated and polished Counter Agents tirelessly over the past year. Now we’re excited to finally bring it to Steam!

Key Features:

  • Three game modes include Single Player Challenge, Multiplayer (1-4 players), and Level Editor. The goal of each mode is to find and steal a briefcase and escape, all while avoiding guards, detectives, and other players.
  • Top-down view of a 3D environment. There are 3 floors that promote clever level design and strategy.
  • Level editor has a simple UI with a drag and drop mechanic so that anyone can create complex designs. Players can post levels to the online community for anyone to play and rate.
  • All original music and audio by our composer, Lance Montgomery.
  • Counter Agents will be completely free! No in-game purchases, and no priced DLC. We promise that all updates and bonus content will not have a price.

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
Get Counter Agents Here Free.


#10. Ludu

Video Source – Tyroine

Ludu (« ash » in breton) is a free adventure game created with RPG Maker 2003.

You play a character living peacefully in his small house and, when he leaves home, discovers a shadow of himself and tries to follow it.
You progress through the game by solving riddles, and discover what is this strange shadow you see constantly.

Ludu won the “Bronze Alex” at the Alex d’Or 2013, and the award “Best Level-design” !

This Game Got Mixed Reviews.
Get Ludu Here Free.


Thank you for checking out our Recently Released Free Steam Games post. We try to make it easy to stay up to date with the free games Valve has to offer. Please check back for more next week, and let us know what you think about this weeks selection in the comments section below.


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