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PokeFast – Blazing Fast Pokemon Scanner for Android

Early this morning, an anonymous developer introduced PokeFast, and android Pokemon Go map tracker available in the Google Play Store. 

According to the developer, Pokemon icons in this app have been replaced with numbers in order to avoid copyright infringement, but the developer says they are fighting with Google to implement an update which will replace the number with Pokemon details.

Will I get Banned using PokeFast for Pokemon Go?

PokeFastApp does not require you to log in with your account, so according to the developers, this app will not get you banned.

pokefast pokemongo pokemon pokemon
Pokefast replaces Pokemon icons for numbers for the time being in order to avoid copyright.

For more information on the app, follow the PokeFastApp on Twitter, and check back with us periodically.


[Implementation] PokeFast – Blazingly fast map scanner for Android that won’t get you banned from pokemongodev


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