Does Placing an Egg in a Pokemon Go Gym Make it Unbeatable?


Update: It seems this Egg trick was a function of hacking.
According to Reddit, someone in NYC created an unbeatable strategy to take and hold gyms in NYC. The strategy, while silly, might be a bug that blows PokemonGo wide open.

Players in NYC have confounded the gym system by leaving unbeatable eggs.

Players in NYC have confounded the gym system by leaving unbeatable eggs.

The original poster, shatterkeesinc, reports that he lives in a place in NYC where top-level gyms change sides every 20 minutes. At the time of post, it had been an hour since one of these “egg gyms” changed sides. Upon clicking the egg gym, the user notes that he is not able to scroll to see the other Pokemon in the gym. No matter where he stood, the gym was too far away.

He also noted that upon clicking the bugged gym, he was no longer able to select another gym until he restarted his app. He hasn’t commented much, but his post is available on the PokemonGo! subreddit. 

There’s not much more to say about this issue – once this becomes well known, it’s going to completely crack the gym aspect of Pokemon Go until Niantic fixes it. There’s no telling how many gyms powerusers will poach. The game is scrambled, and this will certainly not be over easy. (I’m so sorry.)

Happy hunting!


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