Pandum online – Free To Play 3D MMORPG On Steam


Pandum is 3D crossplatform mmorpg with arcadified gameplay.

Some cool features are :

  • In game party voice message on devices equipped with a microphone
  • In game custom avatar can be uploaded from web site
  • Arena team battle with ranking (see web site)
  • PVP everywhere (except trade zone and dungeon instances)
  • Free character skill path
  • Free to play and free to win (shop doesn’t provide items unbalancing combat)

Pandum Online - GTUSA 2

To celebrate steam release, we decided to reward first player (or group) able to kill Sorcerer boss. Claim your victory to with account names, solo player or team will shared 50 euros (Paypal account is required).

Good luck !

Get Pandum Free On Steam Here


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