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Despite Niantic’s wishes, it’s clear that the PokemonGo community won’t rest until there is some way to hunt and track Pokemon. Last week, the community thought they saw Niantic shut down the last of the Pokemon tracker applications. That is, until today’s release of FastPokemonMap.

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FastPokemonMap allows user to find Pokemon near them…again.

Follow FastPokemonMap on Twitter and expect swift pushback from Niantic. In the mean time, check out the creator’s thought in the original Reddit post by creator mewtwo_captured.

Plenty of people know about it already, currently peaking at 15000 simultaneous users, still scaling it. Feedbacks, questions, suggestions goes here.

Backend is scalable horizontally as in, coded in nodejs, created on 1cpu instance and cloning as needed with a loadbalancer distributing it.

The nearby tracker on top right works sort of like the in game tracker, if you’re scanning close but not quite within the range of a pokemon, use it to try to guide yourself to find the pokemon you’re tracking !

Long term goal and vision : I want it to be mobile centered, as in, people run it on their phone, walk around and as they walk, they update the map for everyone else. So the more people use it and hunt pokemona ctively with it, the more the map will be filled with information.


EDIT: Site will be back around 11am GMT+1, implementing some anti ddos measure + https certificatesEDIT2: All certificates passes SSLLab test, I added CORS on my api, sorry folks but the load is getting too big. Adding more servers

edit3: work over, yes my real work before this 😛 Will head back home now and start working on implementing the locate me button and many other requested feature, the scan area will not change for a while (first week or so) until I can find a nice optimization point without breaking niantic’s servers, all the maps you see out there for big cities do 1000 request/s for just one city, keep in mind my map only does atm 200r/s at most for the whole world and for 20000 concurrent users, huge difference. Niantic if you want to come after me, better go after other sites that make 1000r/s and actually break your servers instead of trying to catch someone you’ll never take down and is actually being gentle with your server.

edit4: i’m home, time to put the nitro in this baby

edit5: I’m investigating a change made by niantic to make sure everything is ok, service will be back up shortly

edit6: protocol changed in the last android/ios release and they just switched it to block every bot/map out there, i’ll update the new proto files and be back asap. Can’t give an eta.

edit7: my lead was incorrect, we have to wait for the folks on the api-dev channel of discord to figure out the encryption, also i am not @fastpokemap on twitter, that account is a fraud. So if it asks for donations or whatever, never fall for it. I will work on scaling the server meanwhile so when the API is figured out, I will be able to handle the load 🙂 <- Legitimate twitter account

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