Mirror’s Edge Catalyst pre-order bonus unveiled


The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst product page on Amazon has been updated with information about some preorder bonuses for the upcoming free-running sequel.

Fight for your freedom and show off your perfect technique and power with the Combat Runner Kit. Run free, run fast and show the world how you master the city with the Speed Runner Kit. Get unique in-game items such as a combat-themed & speed-themed Projection Shader, changing how you appear in other player’s worlds, a Runner Tag to stand out in the leaderboards, and a unique background to customize your Screen Hacks.

• Combat-themed & Speed-themed Projection Shader – Change how you appear in other player’s worlds
• Runner Tag – Stand out in the leaderboards
• Unique Background – Customize your Screen Hacks

The Amazon product page doesn’t share any further details.

At the moment there’s no official word from Electronic Arts, and the UK version of Amazon doesn’t list the above pre-order incentives. Thus it’s very likely that more details are going to be revealed in the coming weeks. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is expected on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 24 May, 2016.


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  • That1GuyAgain

    I am so looking forward to this. I am a huge fan of the original. Thanks Jary!