Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Out Today On 3DS


After Luigi knocks over a magical book, the Mushroom Kingdom is covered with two-dimensional Paper Mario personalities. See what happens when your favorite Mario characters meet their paper doppelgängers.

Vid Source - Nintendo
  • When Mario and Luigi are sent to stop Bowser’s paper invasion, they get help from an expert on battling foldable foes, Paper
  • Mario!Princess Peach is shocked to meet her paper version, but the two are soon chatting it up like long-lost sisters.
  • Toads are even more timid when they’re two dimensional.
  • The two Bowsers hatch a plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom…if they don’t clobber each other first!
  • This mighty mite is a chip off the ol’ Bowser, but unlike his dad, Bowser Jr. actually gets along with his paper self.
  • The craftiest of Toads, Toadette designed the ultra-powerful Papercraft.
  • A representative of the Star Sprites and de facto guide for Mario and Luigi, Starlow helps the Bros. in their quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

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