Man Gets Hit By A Car While Playing Fallout


It was just a regular day for Ben Rose, as he played Fallout 4 from the comfort of his Irving apartment. As he wandered the Wasteland, he had little idea that his own apartment was about to become a Wasteland itself.

As he peacefully was playing his Fallout 4 session, sipping on Quantum Colas and munching on some Rad Roach meat, a Hyundai Sonata came crashing through his wall in real life out of nowhere. WTF!

He claims that if he had not been in his gaming chair, he might not be alive right now. He did sustain some injuries, with a fractured vertebra and sliced  Achilles tendon.

The driver claims she was backing out of the parking spot, and accidentally hit the accelerator. There was no report of drugs or alcohol being involved. But possibly the worst part of this story is, this horrible driver was uninsured.

Ben seems like a glass half full type of guy, and appears happy to just be breathing. Since this driver was uninsured though, it leaves him to foot the bill. So his friends put together a GoFundMe campaign for him.

Ben’s friends commented on the GoFundMe page, “This goal, while ambitious, is really just the tip of the iceberg. The amount that will be owed in medical bills is unknown at this point. However, considering EMS transport, scans, x-rays, surgery, and a few nights in the hospital, it is safe to say that costs will be high — even before any follow-up treatment or therapy”.

“There is a common misconception that Ben would be able to “sue for damages.” While technically true, it would be fruitless in this instance. The driver had no insurance, and no discernable assets. With that, any judgment awarded by a court would be meaningless, since you can’t get compensation from someone who doesn’t have it to give. That is why we are doing this — not to enrich, but to simply make our friend whole. To ensure that he is not made destitute by a freak accident, and to make certain that he can receive the care he needs to get back in action”.

It looks like the campaign hit its goal already, but they are leaving it open for additional donations. There is really no telling how much this freak accidents bill will rack up to. And if Ben does try to sue for damages, odds are he won’t see a penny for a long time.

Moral of the story: Buckle Up while playing video games, the roads a dangerous place.

I wonder if anyone has taken out a patent for seat belts on gaming chairs yet?




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