“Last Stitch Goodnight” Has Been Fully Funded on Kickstarter


A side scrolling action adventure video game that embraces a new mythology.

After surviving a near-death, out-of-body experience, you are kidnapped by a doctor who is experimenting on people who satisfy certain criteria. Escaping the doctor’s laboratory will require new weapons, new powers, and a strong stomach for facing science gone bad.

Last Stitch Goodnight is about exploring every spidery corner of a gigantic mansion.  It’s about discovering new weapons and powers, facing off against horrible experiments, and witnessing humanity in the process.  Ultimately, Last Stitch Goodnight is about rolling your eyes at death.


You aren’t the first test subject to be imprisoned by the doctor, you are just the prettiest. In the laboratories you’ll be surrounded by an army of failed experiments, all of whom are a result of exploring branches of science that were best left ignored.

  • Robotics that push beyond mere humanity and run the risk of out-evolving us
  • Questionable investigations into “what organ isn’t THAT important”
  • Office Temps who are really good at spreadsheet formulas

Carefully study all of their unique attacks so you can run, duck, dash, attack, and survive.


Carve a path through the unwholesome hordes with a massive meat cleaver. Cave in the metallic skulls of an army of robots with a lead pipe. Use a bonesaw to… okay, that one is pretty self explanatory.

But you won’t be able to brute force your way past all of Last Stitch Goodnight’s obstacles and traps. Fortunately, every weapon is a tool, and every tool is a weapon. When you aren’t bludgeoning enemies, you can use your tools to dismantle, poke, and saw, letting you gain access to rooms that have been hidden away from prying eyes. After YEARS of using a screwdriver to shiv various things that need shiving, you will finally find a new use for it!



Explore the dark, handcrafted mansion of Last Stitch Goodnight and find all the hidden rooms and passages that connect the loose ends of mystery.  Unearth decayed prisons where many before you suffered.  Uncover medical laboratories that would make Hippocrates extremely uncomfortable.  Discover offices full of accountants who ARE JUST TRYING TO DO THEIR JOB!  COME ON!

And if you find your way over to the residential wing, make yourself at home in the ballroom, the game room, or any of the long abandoned bedrooms.  Just be sure you don’t get lost in the basement.  Last Stitch Goodnight hosts a genuinely livable space for you to explore, where you’ll uncover secrets, powers, and truths.

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