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GameTraders USA Introduction – Standards – & Guidelines



WV GameTraders was the original GT USA trading group created in 2013 on Facebook. After the Charleston, WV chemical spill Phil Williams evacuated back to his  hometown of New Castle, DE. Before leaving Charleston he wished his new friends of WV GameTraders a Farewell, and they recommended he create a game trading  group in Delaware.

When Phil Williams went back to his hometown he found there were no good game trading groups in DE on Facebook. So he created DE GameTraders on 2/14/14.  It instantly became an amazing community that grew by the thousands in weeks. After seeing how much everyone loved both groups he introduced himself to the creator of WV GameTraders Marc Crouse, and presented the idea of building Game Trading groups across the country. The unified name they decided on was  GameTraders USA.

So on 5/5/14 Phil Williams and Marc Crouse assembled a small team and built GT USA trading groups across the country. They also built a successful Facebook Gamer Forum and National Trading Group. They rapidly built a Admin Team on Facebook that consist of over 45+ members now. Marc Crouse gave Phil Williams his blessing to build GT USA is high as it can go, and GT USA has been ever evolving since.

Building a huge network like GT USA is no easy task. They decided to branch out to other social networks, but most networks aren’t set up for Game Trading Groups. So they started sharing memes and other gaming sites content on the FB Forum and other networks.

All of the main original admins of GT USA all came together on the GT USA FB Forum. Sharing others content led to the small group of admins to start making their own memes, gaming art, and interactive images. Everything eventually came together and they created on 11/22/15. Since the  creation of the website GT USA has been growing everyday, and getting better as it goes.



GameTraders was designed to be an open source community for all American gamers to freely sell their games for fair prices, make great trades, find amazing Gaming treasures, make friends, share content, and have fun. The Content Creation Team loves creating content, and are all hardcore gamers. When you create content because you love it, the object is to get your work out to as wide as an audience as possible. So the Content Creation Team works as a close team behind the scenes to be the best our huge network can be everyday.

We have many members on the Admin team and Editorial Team for years who have put a lot of love into GT USA. We are striving to be the best on every online  social platform that we can be. Our Website and YouTube are the capstones to grow our trading groups and other social media accounts. We are always on the lookout for talented content creators or responsible admin to join our teams. The heart of GT USA has always been the strength of gamers coming together to create something great for the American online gamer community.

As our team has grown and we keep improving everything as we go, GT USA has grown by the day. We plan on growing our network until it is the best it possibly  can be. We have many people who love what we’re doing backing us, and have made many friends along the way. The Team behind GT USA plans to keep growing for many years until we hit our maximum potential.



We have 2 options for writers. If your not trying to join a serious team, but just want to write for fun every once in a while, you can jump in and do guest posts anytime and be considered a contributor.

If you would like to join the Editorial Team there are minimal requirements for a try out. We are willing to teach WordPress if we think your serious. The try out period will consist of the applicant doing 3 articles in a 2 week period. If the team likes you your in. You’ll join the Team Chat and be given full range to express your creativity.

Many content creators tend to become lazy over time. So to be considered a full Editorial Team Member it requires doing a minimum of 1 article or video a  week. We encourage creating content everyday if your schedule allows it. If your schedule changes its always okay to go to contributor status, then come back when you can.

We are a very laid back website. We’re all about having fun while creating content the gaming community will love. The main thing we ask of our writers is to put their hearts into it. We are a new site and team evolving togegether. We get crazy sometimes, but always try to keep our content tasteful. We have a no pornographic material policy. We upload our articles videos via YouTube links. And most importantly, always give proper due credit when using other sources content.

We don’t expect everyone to start off a pro-writer. Many on our team are learning as they go. If you are a new writer we encourage you to write often to perfect the craft. Practice makes perfect. GT USA is an excellent place for new content creators to gain experience.



Being a Facebook admin is very simple, and is a great way to get to know your local gaming community. If your a hardcore game trader then being an Admin can also help get you first dibs and hookups. The main requirement is to live in the area of the group you’d like to become an Admin of. No experience is
required to become an admin, just a passion for gaming is enough for a try out. We have a Admin Group on Facebook to keep in touch behind the scenes.



The Video Team is a new concept. The editorial team has been working to grow our YouTube channel for the last year, and finally starting to gain some Traction. For now the Video Team is intergrated with the Editorial Team. If your interested in joining the Video Team our standards will be very similar to the Editorial Team.



If you interested in joining one of our teams, or becoming a contributor the best way to contact us is through email, or you can contact Phil Williams directly
on Facebook.

Primary Email Address:

We’re looking forward to your response. Game on GameTraders!!!



About Phil Williams

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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
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