Jackpot Rising Launches Real Money Gaming Platform for Developers and Players


Mobile Games with Continuous Jackpots Now Available on Apple Store

Jackpot Rising, a patented software solution that game developers can integrate into their games enabling users to compete against each other in real money contests, recently released two games that players can play for cash jackpots.

According to William Webb, CEO of Jackpot Rising, mobile games One More Line and Helix, are now available for IOS on the App Store, and it’s just the start for the Company. Android versions of the games are available exclusively via the company’s website at .

“We have been holding weekly contests where the number of jackpots and players are growing each week.  We are excited about what is to come – we have a good number of additional follow-on games, both proprietary and from 3rd party game studios, that will be available for players soon,” Webb said.

Jackpot Rising’s solution allows game developers to generate more revenue, retention and excitement in their games via competitive gameplay. The solution collects players’ attempt fees, like a virtual arcade, and allocates a majority of each attempt into a real money jackpot for which the players are competing. The remainder goes to the game developer and Jackpot Rising in a revenue share format.

Once the solution is integrated, game developers can create contests within their game(s) on-demand in less than a minute and set contest parameters such as fee per attempt, contest duration and number of winning spots on the leaderboard who will receive a payout. For example, the jackpot could go to the top 25 players or be set for “winner-take-all”.

Jackpot Rising verifies the identity, age and location of players accessing the platform in order to maintain its integrity and compliance as well as combat fraud, under-age players, cheating and boost the overall user experience, Webb said.

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Players can also play the games for free, and soon for a charity.  Although many states have laws that prohibit gambling or betting on games of chance, a majority states allow cash winning for games of skill. Jackpot Rising ensures that any game offered on the platform is a pure game of skill.

The Jackpot Rising app, the company’s mobile hub for players, will be available very soon and will show running competitions, jackpots, and leaderboards as well as allow players to manage their accounts.

“We are excited about the impact we’re making in the ever-expanding mobile gaming sector with a new and exciting way for players to compete and developers to earn and retain users,” Webb said. “Our proprietary technology is mobile first but has many additional capabilities and applications for gamers and developers which we look forward to rolling out very soon.”

Players and developers can learn more about Jackpot Rising at

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