Is Virtual Reality Just a Gimmick?


Is virtual reality a gimmick? I’m here to talk about how I feel about it. I’ve been on the fence about it and I decided I would say what side I am on.

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I think it’s so far a gimmick for prices to start with the cheapest being $400 and it’s just an accessory. For an Oculus Rift, you would need a good PC, and that costs quite a bit of money. So your average gamer can’t even afford it.

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I think maybe in the next 10 years or less, the price may go down. If that happens then it’s a whole new story. I think it would be something huge. That Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft would do in the future.

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Like the video states it’s a whole new level. It’s one thing if you have one of the best televisions, but these will still get on a whole nother level. Just moving your head to look around would be amazing.


I think virtual reality’s future is blurry, but it has the potential to be huge. It’s also not just for gaming as the video states. It will be for sports and other things. I could only imagine how awesome it would be watching football on one of those.

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The closing statement is so far that as it stands currently, it’s a gimmick. But if it gets cheaper over the years I think it will be the next big thing in gaming. I think all the consoles will make their own and maybe start competing by lowering prices.


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