Handmade Zelda Chest With Lights & Sound


One of our Admin’s in DE GameTraders on Facebook, Alex Carman, created the first Zelda Chest as a present for his Son. Alex’s son may be the luckiest kid ever. Alex also builds custom arcade cabs, has a awesome retro game collection, and takes his son to cool gaming expo’s/ conventions.

After the original chest came out so awesome, he decided to produce more and sell them. These chest are very detailed, so they take some time to build.

These chest’s don’t just look cool, when opened they make the chest opening sound via a momentary switch, light up when opened with led’s, and they have custom messages under the lid.

I don’t know when Alex will produce more of these fantastic custom Zelda chests, but hopefully next time he’ll do an auction. Until then enjoy some pictures of his hard work.

z2291jhgvgvThe original in the above and below pic’s.





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