Logitech sends Youtube’s “Gaming Grandma” free Gear


Who is the Gaming Grandma?

Elderly Youtube sensation Shirley Curry received a care package today from hardware company Logitech, and boy does she deserve it. If you haven’t heard of this 80-year-old gaming icon – start watching her videos immediately. Not only is there the obvious appeal of seeing an 80-year-old lady chase around dragons in Skyrim, but she’s an incredible ambassador for the gaming community as well.


She’s put together around 260 Skyrim Let’s Play videos so far, as well as a handful of other games as well including No Man’s Sky and Fallout 4. She’s also active on Instagram. If I’m not painting a clear picture of how sweet this kind  gaming grandma is, then take a look at this post from Imgur user theMumblr.

a gift

She’s been known to post inspirational messages on other YouTuber’s comments, and frequently interacts with her (much younger) peers in the gaming scene. Let’s all give three cheers for the Gaming Grandma!

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